Terms & Conditions

In providing materials for scanning or image restoration to Hi-Def Photo Imaging, Inc., you guarantee that you have full copyright privileges to the materials submitted. You agree that Hi-Def Photo Imaging, will not be held responsible for any violation, intended or not, of state, national, and/or international copyright and intellectual property laws.

Hi-Def Photo Imaging guarantees your complete satisfaction. We are confident in our services and your satisfaction is our number one priority. If you are not completely satisfied with your image quality or our services please let us know, we will do what is needed to ensure your satisfaction. Just remember that we cannot perform miracles. Also, if you submit slides or negatives in non-standard frames, improperly cut frames, frames without edges, badly curved/arched film, or damaged film we will do the best we can but the scan may not be perfect. For prints or digital images submitted for editing and restoration, please keep your expectations realistic.

Hi-Def Photo Imaging will handle your materials professionally with the highest level of care. Your materials will be returned as they were received. However, in the very unlikely event your materials are accidentally damaged or lost while in our hands, you are only entitled to the equivalent frames of unexposed like film or a maximum refund of $100. Upon request, we will insure any materials that we ship to you for the cost of replacement. If we are returning materials you have provided to us, you may insure them for their value. If a package is damaged in shipping, please notify the carrier immediately and contact us for a replacement. We carry insurance for the shipment of our product to you. With proof of damage, we will send you a replacement set for the cost of packaging and shipping the material.

Hi-Def Photo Imaging guarantees that you will receive working digitized copies of the materials submitted when we deliver (or ship) our product to you. We verify and test all our CD’s and DVD’s before sending them out to you. However mistakes are possible. You have 30 days to contact us about any problems with the materials we have delivered to you. We retain master files for up to 60 days after the completed order has been received by you. During this period, you may order duplicate sets of CD – DVDs for fixed fee per set, the cost of CD-DVDs in each set plus packaging and shipping costs.

After 60 days, these files are deleted from our systems and there is nothing we can do. We will not be held responsible for misused CD’s or DVD’s; once the CD’s or DVD’s are in your hands, they are your responsibility.

For each order, 50% of the estimate is due and payable to Hi-Def Photo Imaging, when we have received your materials. When your order is completed, we will contact you by telephone or e-mail. If we are shipping your order, the balance due must be received before we ship. For orders that are picked up at our studio, payment is due at pick up. You must schedule a pick-up appointment and delivery time/date in advance. We expect you to make arrangements for payment within 7 business days from the date of notification. Hi-Def Photo Imaging accepts cash, personal check or money order. Payment with a credit card can only be made on-line to our PayPal account.