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Are you a film photographer disappointed in the low res disc images you get from companies that develop your film? We create high-resolution images from your developed negatives and transparencies. All the details in your photos can be captured in high-resolution and are superb for printing in large sizes such as 18”x12”.

Client Testimonials:

“Thanks for your great work…”

-John Romualdi, photographer

‘As I hope you remember, you’ve excelled with various projects for me, including T.E. Lawrence”

-Shea Johnson, Art Collector

“I just had all of my Korea slides converted to DVD, CD, with programs by Hi-Def Photo Imaging… They do a fantastic job with slides, photos, negatives, and prints..”

-Stanley Jones, veteran

“I received the scans today and am very happy with the work you have done. I have been scanning images into digital copies for many years. I have also had other services digitize prints, transparencies, and negatives for me in the past, I want to let you know that I think that you have done very professional, high quality work on my film images and I gladly will recommend your services to other photographers.”

-John Perry Fish, author and photographer of maritime and oceanic images

“The beautifully restored print of me and my sister Dorothy as preschool kids on a porch is now hanging in our living room.  I am very happy to have it; she was very precious to me.”

Bob Holt, author