About Hi-Def Photo Imaging

Hi-Def Photo Imaging was established in 2008. Since then, we have provided customized scanning and restoration services to museums and galleries, professional photographers, artists, and authors.  You may have seen the results of our “prepress” work in books and galleries.

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At Hi-Def, we continue to focus on quality. We specialize in archival quality scans of photographic film. For 35 mm film, medium and large size formats (up to 4”by 5”) negatives and transparencies, we use our Hassellbad Flextight X5 drum scanner. For antique glass or metal negatives and large format (8”x10”), we use our flatbed photo scanner, the Epson XL1000. To provide you the best quality, we include expert post-scan retouching and tonal adjustments (as needed) on all digital images we produce.

Some photographers prefer to do their own-retouching. In these cases, we limit adjustments to scanner settings. Color casts can be a problem with some types of negatives. We will consult with you about the appropriate adjustments to capture the color and tone that the photographer saw/produced on film.

Hi Def Photo Imaging on Cape Cod

All Work Done on Site

All scans, image editing, and CD/DVD publishing are done in-house at our photography lab/studio on Cape Cod. We do not and will never ship your materials out to other locations or countries for processing.


Security and Storage

We have established procedures for cataloguing each customer’s collection and for maintaining confidentiality and safe storage of any film and photograph that we agree to scan and restore.  All materials are stored in our studio and are returned to you with your final image set.  Each client’s digital images and other “work-in-process” are stored on our computers in a folder uniquely identified with that client.  All our computers have secure firewall protection on our LAN (local area network).  For copyright and security protection, we do not send any image files (JPG, TIF) as attachments to email.  For email, we will only send small thumbnail images in PDF format to you.  Before leaving our studio, all materials are packaged and sealed, ready for shipment.



It is our policy to ship by U.S. mail (priority with insurance) or to carry the packaged prints and CD/DVDs directly to the client’s local residence or business. We provide progress reports by e-mail, letter, or telephone. If you wish to drop-off/pick-up material, please call for an appointment: 508-255-5280.


Working for the U.S. and Beyond

While many of our customers are local, we also provide digital conversion services to clients throughout New England, New York, New Jersey, Illinois, California, Oregon, Florida, and the Virgin Islands.

Our client base is diverse – including photographers who prefer to use film instead of digital cameras, individuals with private collections, museums, and galleries.

Many of the digital images we have prepared for our clients have appeared on websites documenting the works of artists working in various media. In print, the photographers’ works are available through various art galleries and museums, and books: