Custom Image Enhancement and Photo Restoration Services

These services are available for the film and photos that we scan and for digital images provided to us from a camera source owned and/or operated by the customer. We do all post-scan adjustments using the TIF format. With our expertise in Adobe Photoshop 5.1, we can provide you high quality at a reasonable cost.

In restoring old photographs, damaged slides or film, we strive to improve image quality through:

Adjustments in brightness, contrast, shadows.
Highlights of particular objects in the picture.
Techniques for removing stains, mold, unwanted blemishes and objects.

Hi-Def Photo Imaging’s goal is to provide you with an improved image that is brighter, sharper, and free of distracting elements without loss of image quality. Our ability to improve a digital image is limited by the quality of the overall image, its optical resolution, and color-bit depth.

Image: 1920s Original Portait
Image: Restored Portrait

This original 1920s photo was 1.7”x 2.2” in size and had discolored marks and spots. The photo quality (sharpness and details) was high. To maintain the image quality while removing the spots, we set the scan resolution to 2400 ppi in 16 bit RGB. This resulted in a very large file (139 mb). But the greater bit depth and resolution allows removal of problem spots while retaining image quality.

The final restored image was resized to 5”x7” @600 ppi. Still in RGB mode, but client was able to produce a high quality print at this setting.

Image: Original Family Portrait
Image: Retouched Family Portrait

This color family portrait was scanned at 1200 ppi on an Epson. The original photo was 4.5″x 6.4″. After 20 minutes of retouching, the image size was reduced to 300 ppi.

Image: Soldier 1915
Image: Restored Soldier 1915

High Definition Photo Imaging restored this 1915 photo of a father in uniform posing with his first child. The original was extremely faded and damaged.